Time Keeps On Slipping...

Time is slipping by way too fast!!! Originally the intent was to post on a regular basis and share the beauty captured by my husband's eyes. I'm honored to share since my first post the Lions Eye Bank presented an award to my husband for the donation of his corneas. Now I like to believe the two people who received his corneas are seeing the beauty life offers every day!

My husband found beauty and pleasure in the simple things nature had to offer. He loved walking around our yard and capturing subjects such as a bee, mushrooms or flowerhead. Bill certainly learned to appreciate the little things in life people so often take for granted.  One of his concerns over the last months of life was upon becoming trapped inside the house. Bill once said, "Maybe it is time to get a hospital bed and place it in front of the living room window." He wanted the ability to gaze outside and see an occasional deer, rabbit or bird. The last few months of his life were in and out of hos…

Rainy Day Blues...

Ending a crazy rainy day by sharing some of the beauty my husband captured during the last years of his life. It is amazing how being faced with death every day can draw one to the beauty nature provides. It took a lifetime for  Bill to pick up a camera. One can only wish he had more time to share the hobby he discovered towards the end of his journey. Below is a sampling of the beauty he saw in each new day.
Speckled Pink A Pop of Yellow  It's Only Pollination

Life Lives On from End to Beginning...

"Life Lives On..." is a lesson evolving from my husband's cancer journey.  One of the hardest challenges in life is saying goodbye to our loved ones.  Life as we once knew it no longer exists, and it takes time becoming used to the quietness which surrounds us afterward.
Life starts slowing down once our loved one's departure from earth is complete. One day, as I was cleaning Bill's camera, called out to me.  I picked it up and started flipping through the many images never removed from the camera's storage area. It was then when I realized the beauty he left behind for us to enjoy throughout our lives.
I'm using this blog to share Bill's captures of those small moments in life some may take for granted. My husband's photographs remind me to take the time each day to enjoy the simplicities in life.

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